The Earth is a Gift We Abuse


I am aware that not everyone in the world is religious. But have you ever thought about the air that you breathe, the people you know and love, etc? They all form part of the environment. We don’t pay for these things. Are they not then more like gifts?

I know that for some people, the prevailing attitude towards the environment (and all that it consists of), is like an unwanted gift. It’s is the place that we live in. Not exclusively like our houses; our homes. But it’s something that we share with everyone. And yet there are those who negligently toss their papers out of car windows. People who are insensitive to all the pollution in the air. For these people, it’s like ‘we just happen to live here, we aren’t responsible for the rest of the environment’.

They are the kind of people who clearly do not think of the consequences of their actions. They do not think of the inconvenience they are causing random strangers. Don’t we have the right to respect, in all its forms? Anyone who lives with other people in one house understands that we all have to do our part. We all have to keep our living space clean. In some cases we take pride in our homes. Should we not take pride in our environment?

Ever thought about it from the spiritual angle? Have you ever wondered where this lovely world of ours came from? God gave man dominion over the world. Anyone can see that man is the top of the food chain. We have the intelligence if not the strength, speed or physical adaptability of wild animals. If you gave your child a gift that you knew was fragile, you would advise your child to treat the gift with care, wouldn’t you? The environment is a gift to us.

People don’t truly appreciate their animals. I know there are those who are responsible when it comes to this. If so, be assured I am not directing this at you. People complain about stray animals. Not too long ago,  a child was killed by a pack of stray dogs. The community responded with outrage and wanted dogs put down because of this naturally. But that’s only a short-term solution. There will always be strays if people do not keep more control over their animals. Dogs that are allowed to run free for many hours will naturally result in more puppies being born. If you don’t want to deal with strays anymore, do your part in making sure there aren’t any more in the future.

These are just a few examples of what I mean. The world is our gift. It is ours to use as we see fit. But if we do not want to see it get out of control, let us take more care in how we treat it.

Image credit: edwin.11, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons