Does Your Audience Know What You’re Saying?


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You’re obviously on the right track when you consider how you’re going to get people’s attention through marketing. Your product or service won’t go anywhere if nobody knows about it. But before you think about all that, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you know what you’re saying.

It may seem obvious to you what you’re saying but the challenge lies in how you present that message to the public. You might have covered all the bases in marketing but if your message isn’t really clear, a lot of people won’t be coming back for a second look.

Tips about what goes into your message and getting it across

  • The message itself

The message is basically what you’re going to say to convince people to buy into your idea. Just saying what you have on offer’s not going to cut it. How does it sound when you say it? Can you do anything to make it sound more interesting, more engaging, more memorable? You need to put quality into your message.

  • Who is your audience?

This might seem obvious. But it’s vital. It’s one of the issues you should have already covered because in forming your idea, it’s essential to form it with an audience in mind. The audience is why the idea exists. It also might take some research to find out where you could target your advertising to get the most effective results. You could take a certain demographic, but within that demographic would be the concentrated interest within one particular group. So putting your ad about a new strategy in getting children fit up where you know moms generally look is a good idea, but it’s a much better idea to put it up where mothers who firmly believe in their children’s health will look.

  • How are you going to get the message across?

As much as being emotional about the product may seem too much, it’s an incredibly powerful tool in hooking people’s attention. You might argue that your idea sells itself. That it’s so good that people will immediately be interested in your idea. But that only happens when you have something that’s completely original. In today’s times being original’s the ultimate quest. But how you present it is still important. You can never leave the pitch out.

You could use some humour; people will always remember a really funny advert. Another angle to consider is that these days, advertisers use a lot of imagery. They associate the product with a class of people, so you’re saying by using this product they will become part of such a group. That’s when they’re trying to make people feel good when they’re using the product. Making them pause to think about something is also effective. Just think of those adverts against drinking and driving from Arrive Alive. They weren’t pleasant but the message struck home. The best message will touch people’s hearts as well as their minds. Once you’ve done that it’s a done deal.

Never forget that effective communication is vital

Never take it for granted that people will always automatically buy your product or into your idea just by presenting it in a flashy way. Superb special effects or strategies are great in selling your product but then you have to make sure all the action is saying something. Your message is the driving force behind the advertisement. Let it be channelled throughout every aspect.

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