Mob Violence in South Africa

mobs fighting the police

What kind of country do you want?

Mob justice has become a common solution to outrage in South Africa. Included in that solution is violence.

I remember one day I had just left work and I had walked to the bus station. There was a big commotion as I arrived and I noticed a man running past me and a few seconds later another man came after him throwing a brick. Apparently he had been caught stealing. It was clear from the mood of the crowd that many wanted more than just the thief’s apprehension.

For another example I refer to an article I read today on the web. The article is named ‘Cops save 3 men from mob’.  The article mentioned how police had to intervene after three men were nearly killed by a mob, because they were suspected of breaking into and stealing from shacks. One of the worst things is that the men were not even proven to be guilty at the time, and yet the residents were quick to attack them.

More recently there have been a large amount of violent strikes in the country over wage disputes. In one case there was a clash between miners and police at the Marikana mine. Miners were shot dead. Apparently they had been brandishing weapons and rushing the police.

In other cases strikers have blocked main roads causing major upheaval to the economic sector.

The problem here is that these people no longer believe in resolving their arguments with logic and reason, but instead with violence. Is that the kind of country they want? Where for the right thing to be done, acts of barbarism are acceptable?

Is violence the answer to every problem?

Image Credit: Jordogbeton, via Wikimedia Commons